N95 face masks offer the gold standard in personal respiratory protection against airborne aerosolised pathogens. The main difference between an N95 / P2 mask and other facemasks is the seal created around the mouth and nose by these masks. Other masks exhibit the same filtration properties on the air / fluid that passes through the mask, but because of the fit, there are gaps on the sides of the mask and around the nose which cause some unfiltered air to pass around the mask. While a standard mask still reduces the risk from larger droplets or direct vectors in open spaces, in enclosed spaces with a risk of an aerosolised pathogen, an N95 mask is definitely recommended.


At the moment, due to global supply issues, we are unable to offer our more stylish and comfortable P2 level masks. We have plans to provide much more stylish and comfortable N95 masks in the near future since both our customers and us (we’ve been wearing these for months!) are tired of wearing the plain offerings currently available. We expect to be able to offer these in late 2020 so please sign up for our newsletter and check back for updates on our N95 mask offering.




Our N95 masks have been carefully vetted for quality and tested to ensure a snug fit across a wide range of facial shapes and sizes. This ensures that the masks are as effective as the P2 / N95 mask standards require. When wearing an N95 mask, the fit is absolutely crucial, so please make sure your mask has a comfortable, formable nose bar, that the sides sit flush against the face and the binding under the chin rests on the skin. We have tested and use the masks we supply ourselves and can confirm that when properly worn, ours seal well around the mouth, cheeks, nose and chin, providing optimal protection and filtration.

95masks proudly supply you our N95 masks at the same prices discount Chemists and Warehouses around Australia have been charging for years. We do not believe in panic based price inflation and steadfastly maintain our prices even in the face of rises in costs from our suppliers.