Plain Facemasks


Facemasks are used as a protective barrier against airborne contaminants and pathogens. The filtration material used in these face masks is able to filter our 95% or contaminants that pass through it down to a size of 0.3 microns, yet still allow air to pass through it. This small filtration size is small enough to block the passage of most airborne particulate pollutants, in particular bacteria and viruses. This means that they are an important tool in limiting exposure to these pathogens and pollutants.

While face masks do offer some protection against airborne elements, it is also critical to understand the protection is not perfect and that best practice is to limit exposure to potentially hazardous situations or contacts. Importantly, hand hygiene using hand sanitisers or hand washing as well as being mindful of contamination of your personal effects is critical in limiting your chances of being exposed to a pathogen. Be mindful of contact with public areas, enclosed areas with many people, or contact with people who service the greater public as they have an increased exposure themselves.


Working carefully with our overseas suppliers, we have sourced quality face masks that adhere to European, US FDA and ISO 13485 standards. We have run complete QA and QC processes across our facemask products to ensure that they meet these requirements. Our first priority is our customers’ health and safety, which is why we offer you the same masks our team, our friends and family rely on. Our masks are fully batch tracked and come with a less than 10% used guaranteeso in the unlikely event you do encounter any quality issues, we strongly recommend you make a report through the Contact Form and we will arrange replacement and investigate the batch.

We take pride in offering our facemasks for the same prices they have been sold for by by discount Chemists and Warehouses around Australia for years. We have a strict policy of not inflating prices and we maintain this stance even in the face of price rises from our suppliers.